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Logo Design For Cannabis Dispensaries: Unique, Simple, Memorable

Case Study:

Paramount Farms

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McDonald’s. Coca-Cola. Wal-Mart. What immediately springs to mind when you hear those brand names? Chances are good it’s their logos. The golden arches, the energetic red sphere, and the dimpled smiley face are a kind of modern hieroglyphic that embed themselves in customers’ brains and stick there. If you’re a cannabis dispensary looking for those kinds of results, then you should take a lesson from bigger companies’ successes when it comes to logo design.
Which means your logo needs to be:


When you think of a famous logo, whether it’s the Nike swoosh or the red roof on Pizza Hut, something you’ll notice is that it doesn’t look like anything else on the market. The worst thing you can have, when it comes to your logo, is looking too much like another business, because that’s when your customers get confused. So be sure they can tell what your logo is (and who you are) at a single glance.


A good logo is one that can be seen an absorbed quickly into the mind. The more complicated you make your logo, the harder it will be for someone to recognize. You want something that’s easily recognizable, but which doesn’t require too many mental gymnastics to file away. Keep it simple, and you’ll get much better results.


Does your logo stick in someone’s mind? Do the colors jump out, and does the design draw the eye? These are some of the most important design aspects to consider. However, you also need to know what impression your logo is supposed to leave. Do you want your customers to think of you as friendly? As professional? Calming? Aggressive? Your logo will communicate who you are, so it’s important that it act as a kind of snapshot of who you are, and what you want your customers to remember about you.