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3 Keys to Lead-Generating Cannabis Website Design

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The cannabis manufacturing industry is experiencing massive growth. As new local and state governments continue to relax their laws, new frontiers continually open up, providing the opportunity for even the most green business owners to try their hand at becoming a major player in an important market space.

In this digital era, the very first step for a new cannabis business is to build a great website that establishes their brand, opens the right lines of communication, and works as a beacon to attract new customers in a context where new competitors pop up fast and fight hard to get a piece of market share.

With that in mind, here are three important keys to crafting a cannabis website that serves not only to provide basic business information, but to generate new leads for years to come:

Present a Striking Brand Identity Throughout the Website

Every business needs a decent website to have any hope of being competitive. For the cannabis space, however, there are some additional aspects to consider. Cannabis website design should:

  • Have cleanly designed logos and supporting design elements that communicate “cannabis” without simply recycling the same popular imagery many regional marijuana manufacturers and sellers so often use
  • Choose a tone and remain consistent with it through all of the content presented on the site
  • Carefully consider whether to contribute to “normalizing” cannabis selling, or lean into a more casual vibe, depending on your target consumer base

Leverage Visual and Interactive Elements

Cannabis customers are very concerned with tactile aspects of their chosen product. Sight, scent, touch, feel.

The fact that users can only technically use one of those senses to consume the content on your web page, innovative approaches to presenting content can help fill in the gaps.

A great cannabis seller should present their product in evocative ways. High resolution pictures, interactive videos, succinct and evocative descriptions of products: these are the keys to holding on to curious customers that arrive on your website.

Present An Engaging Contact Page

Leveraging the eye-popping design you’ve crafted out of the elements suggested above, you’re in prime position to flip a visitor to your website into an engaged customer.

The best approach to this is to consider your audience, and the reach you want to have. For some cannabis businesses, that means a simple phone number and email contact, to encourage personal one-to-one interaction with your customer service representatives. For others, it’s a social media heavy angle, meant to encourage potential customers to engage your Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat presence.